Education Center for IBM Software

Certified Business Partner

We are an Education Center for IBM Software (ECIS) certified Business Partner that offers public and on-site certification training courses in Thai and English languages.

Mastering Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML 2.0


Mastering Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Unified Modeling Language (OOAD/UML) 2.0 presents the concepts and techniques necessary to effectively use system requirements captured in use cases to drive the development of a robust design model. In this intensive, hands-on workshop, learn to apply UML 2.0 notation to fundamental OOAD concepts, including architecture, objects, classes, components, subsystems, stereotypes, relationships, and supporting diagrams.

Use UML throughout the project life-cycle to capture and communicate analysis and design decisions. Thus, you learn UML 2.0 notation in the context of an iterative, use case-driven, architecture-centric process. In addition, language-specific examples of common UML constructs are provided in a separate appendix.

Mastering Requirements Management with Use Cases


Mastering Requirements Management with Use Cases provides three days of training in requirements management and use-case modeling techniques. The course focuses on eliciting and managing the changing requirements of a project; analyzing the problem, defining the product vision and feature requirements, defining software requirements with use cases, and requirement attributes, and maintaining traceability, change management, and impact analysis for project scope management. The course shows how use-case modeling and requirements management techniques are used to define and document requirements that meet stakeholder needs. In-class exercises will give students practical experience in developing use cases.