Army Tactical Level Advanced Simulation™

ATLAS™ was designed for commanders and their staff to conduct command post exercises (CPX) at the divisional level.

ATLAS™ is a distributed, tactical level simulator with continuous terrain. Unlike cell-based or hex-based systems, ATLAS provides realistic terrain effects based on real terrain data such as elevation, vegetation, and irrigation.

Train as you fight

ATLAS™ client interface contains all familiar military commands, symbology, MGRS coordinates, and military time formats, thus minimizing the learning curve.

The ATLAS™ Concept of Operations, based on our scalable architecture, allows for a flexible exercise to be conducted. Each force side may be divided into several divisions, together with tactical, main, and rear command posts. These participants may be further grouped into combat, combat support, and combat service support roles.

Situational awareness

Image shows the graphical situational display that exercise directors use to control the pace of the maneuvers. Filtering may be applied to echelon and force sides to declutter the display.

ATLAS™ is an aggregated, distributed, tactical level, constructive simulator with variable-time resolution.


  • Chain of Command
  • Terrain Effects
  • Administrative and Tactical Movement
  • Direct Engagement and Indirect Fire
  • Lanchester Attrition Algorithms
  • Channel of Supply
  • Logistics Consumption and Resupply of class I, III, and V
  • Mil-Std 2525B Military Symbology
  • Military 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 maps
  • Satellite imagery
  • MGRS and Lat/Lon coordinates
  • Graphical overlays for IPB
  • JMSF™ XML simulation file format
  • High Level Architecture (HLA IEEE 1516)
  • Internationalization support for English and Thai